These examples assume you have read Accessing the Full API.

Retrieving full information

If you need to retrieve the bio, biography or about information for a user you should use GetFullUser:

from import GetFullUserRequest

full = client(GetFullUserRequest(user))
# or even
full = client(GetFullUserRequest('username'))

bio = full.about

See UserFull to know what other fields you can access.

Updating your name and/or bio

The first name, last name and bio (about) can all be changed with the same request. Omitted fields won’t change after invoking UpdateProfile:

from import UpdateProfileRequest

    about='This is a test from Telethon'

Updating your username

You need to use account.UpdateUsername:

from import UpdateUsernameRequest


Updating your profile photo

The easiest way is to upload a new file and use that as the profile photo through UploadProfilePhoto:

from import UploadProfilePhotoRequest