Deleted, Limited or Deactivated Accounts

If you’re from Iran or Russia, we have bad news for you. Telegram is much more likely to ban these numbers, as they are often used to spam other accounts, likely through the use of libraries like this one. The best advice we can give you is to not abuse the API, like calling many requests really quickly, and to sign up with these phones through an official application.

We have also had reports from Kazakhstan and China, where connecting would fail. To solve these connection problems, you should use a proxy.

Telegram may also ban virtual (VoIP) phone numbers, as again, they’re likely to be used for spam.

If you want to check if your account has been limited, simply send a private message to @SpamBot through Telegram itself. You should notice this by getting errors like PeerFloodError, which means you’re limited, for instance, when sending a message to some accounts but not others.

For more discussion, please see issue 297.